You are your brand in today’s world and an up to date headshot / business portrait is a must. A good image will help illustrate your personality whether you are an actor, model, business executive, musician, politician etc. and help drive the correct type of clients to you or you to them. Business photos should represent exactly who you are and who you want to work with. Depending on your type of business, Corporate photos can be casual photos, suit and tie, outside photos, inside photos, candid, product driven photos, at your office or on location.

Entertainment & Modeling industry (Children, Teens & Adults)

  • Comp Card or tear sheet
  • Modeling Portfolios
  • TV advertising for skin products
  • Magazine advertisements for creams and other skin or hair products
  • Online Industry profiles

Corporate & Business industry

  • Annual reports
  • Resumes
  • Corporate catalogs, brochures and advertising collateral
  • Company publications and websites, internal and external
  • Press releases and other announcements
  • Marketing materials
  • Articles and newspapers

Social Media & Websites

  • About / Team page
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Dating sites:, eHarmony…