50 over 50 portrait Experience 

Celebrating the Strength, Wisdom & Beauty of Women in their 50s, 60s, 70s & beyond.

I’d love for you to be one of them!

woman over 40 studio beauty portrait


Are you ready to be empowered with a magazine-style portrait session designed just for you?

In 2024 I'm inviting 50 women — 50s, 60s, 70s, 80’s+ to join me for a one-of-a-kind portrait experience.

You will be featured in my upcoming celebration and gallery-style exhibition featuring women and their stories

woman over 50 BW studio portrait

What's it all about? You!

It’s time to start a conversation about the beauty of aging.

Women over 50 are too beautiful to be ignored or underappreciated, and we deserve to be photographed and celebrated for our uniqueness.

This is a celebration of the beauty and confidence that comes with being comfortable in our own skin, and of the fact that age does not diminish our beauty. We can be proud of all that we have accomplished and overcome, and every scar, line, and grey or purple hair tells a story that should be appreciated.

Why you should do this!

  • To have an empowering and transformational experience.
  • Create legacy Imagery that you’re proud to share.
  • Share your story and inspire other women around the world.
  • Redefine beauty for 50 and above.
  • Build self-confidence and a positive self-image.
  • Learn to embrace the woman staring back at you in the mirror.
  • Recognize that loving yourself is anything but selfish.
  • Celebrate the amazing person that you are.
woman over 40 studio beauty portrait
model sitting on black box studio high key image

Who Can Participate?

All women 50 and over are invited. I have photographed a wide variety of women of different shapes and sizes; women with different tastes, from different backgrounds, and with different views of life.

The Unforgettable 50 over 50 experience is an exciting, pampering, indulgent adventure, custom tailored and focused on YOU! 

Think about how you want to be captured, what does your legacy look like?  My hope is for you to truly reconnect with yourself, and to see your beauty and spirit the way others already see you.

The Experience

It’s about so much more than just “taking pretty pictures.” Our hope is for you to truly reconnect with yourself, and see your beauty & spirit the way others already see you. Dressy, Casual, Boudoir? Or all of the above.

1. The Consultation

This is where we discuss the design of your shoot, the look, and the feel that you want to convey in your photos based on your personality and style. We will also refine your four to five wardrobe looks, so you know what exactly to bring.

2. Photoshoot Day

Camera-ready Custom Make-up application by our skillful on-site make-up artist (she’s the best!) Glam/natural/refined, it’s all up to you! Light hairstyling for picture-perfect results!

During your full magazine-style photoshoot, I will guide you through the most flattering posing to make you feel like a CoverGirl for the day.

image box for 40 over 40

3. The Reveal

After about a week, we’ll arrange a time for you to come back and view your stunning portraits in person. During this appointment, you’ll receive a complimentary photo of your choice, and if you wish to purchase more, you can choose all the images that you love.

3. Celebrate!

Participation at the 50 Over 50 private Gallery Exhibit and party for the participants and your loved ones, where your curated portrait and story will be showcased.

What Does It Include
⸻ Step out of your comfort zone


399. + tax 

This package has a value of over $890 – but if you include how amazing you’re going to feel celebrating who you are and inspiring others to do the same it’s priceless.


  • Style Consultation to discuss why, how (and optionally, with whom) you’d like to be photographed.

  • Hair and make-up on the day of the photoshoot by our professional make-up artist. Every client is unique. Your make-up and hair artistry is defined by your style and your preferences (from a very natural “no make-up “ style to a more glam or dramatic look).

  • A fully guided photo shoot that is fun, relaxed, and transformational. Here at our Solana Beach studio on Cedros Ave.

  • Your View and Order appointment following your photo shoot to select your favorite portraits and artwork.

  • One complimentary fine art print (8×10) mounted and signed. An opportunity to purchase any additional fine art products that we offer.

  • Featured at our 50 Over 50 private Gallery Exhibit and party for the participants and your loved ones, where your curated portrait and story will be showcased.

  • Membership in the “Unforgettable VIP Lounge” on Facebook


Let’s have a quick chat about including you in the




My name is Debora, and my mission is to capture the most stunning portrait of you, that you have ever seen.

As a professional photographer with 30+ years of experience, I recognize the profound impact photography can have on an individual. It has the ability to transform and empower individuals, shifting their self-perception and contributing to their lasting legacy.

I derive great joy from Finding beauty in every person I photograph, discovering that special "ah ha" moment with each of my clients...I can’t wait to uncover that moment with you!

⸻ ME 59


Not to worry! – It’s my job (and I’ve been doing this for a long time 😉 to identify your most flattering angles and guide you to achieve them, from the position of your head, your shoulders, and your hands, all the way to your genuine expression. You don’t need to stress about your posture or body alignment – I got you covered!

I understand how you feel…Feeling uncomfortable in your own body is a common experience, especially since our weight tends to fluctuate throughout our lives. (I can relate to this, having gone through it myself) It’s important to recognize the negative self-talk that arises from gaining weight can make us feel unworthy. But if you happen to have gained some extra pounds, that’s okay – I have you covered here too (let’s talk more during your consultation and I will set you at ease) Don’t avoid the camera any longer, It’s time to take a stand and embrace your worth, regardless of your age, stage, or weight. You are beautiful!

Before your portrait session, we will have a consultation over Zoom. We will discuss how you dream of being photographed. Dressy, Casual, Boudoir? Or all of the above. I will guide you to pick out 4-6 outfits that will look and photograph fabulously on you.

This project is about you and how fabulous you are…with that said if you would like a loved one to join you for a few portraits at the end of your session that can be arranged…as you will be looking Fab! (let’s talk during your consultation)