What should we wear for our Santa experience?

Light-colored pajamas or nightgowns photograph the best. Mom and Dad should also come dressed to participate! 

Target & Amazon have many options for pajamas. (please avoid text or large graphics on your items, simple is best)

Can we have more than one family in the session?

The San Diego Santa Experience is designed to progress in a certain order, capturing memories of your family along the way. When there are multiple families or grandparents with grandchildren from different families, it takes more time to capture those memories. In those cases, we suggest scheduling two sessions back-to-back. This will ensure that each family has enough time for their own pictures, as well as group photographs.

Do you allow pets?

We consider pets as part of the family, so feel free to bring them with you. All pets are required to be on a leash or in a carrier until they arrive. We recommend bringing a favorite toy and some treats. If you are bringing a pet, please be sure to inform us and try to book the last appointment of the day.

What can I do if my child is afraid of Santa?

One of the benefits of having a private 30-minute session is that there is usually ample time for hesitant children to warm up to Santa. Santa and the photographers have several techniques to help children feel at ease. However, we suggest limiting the number of people you bring to watch the sessions. If you are worried that your child might be uncomfortable, please let us know in your pre-session questionnaire, so we adjust our mannerisms to the needs of your child. For example, a quiet greeting versus a loud, excited ™ho-ho-ho.∫

What does my session fee cover?

The $295 session fee covers Santa’s fee and the time in the studio. You will also receive $200 towards your purchase at your in-person or Zoom ordering appointment.

Can we take our own pictures or video?

Sorry, we do not allow any photography during your session 🙂

When do we see our images?

After your session, we will schedule a time for you to return for your personalized viewing and order session. If you are an out-of-town guest, please email us so we can make arrangements for you. 

How long does it take to get my order?

Once you finish your review, we will edit your images and send you a proof. Once you approve your images, it can be as short as a few weeks to months, depending on the unique art you create. In most cases, we can get your order before Christmas. We will let you know what items take longer.

We provide digital social media files for images that you purchase. Social media files may be posted on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media sites.