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Begin With The End In Mind

It all starts to come together easily when you think backward. Before deciding on what to wear or where to go for your photo session, think about how you want to display your images. Are you planning to update a gallery wall in your house? Would these images be part of an existing gallery? Are you planning to hang a large statement piece in your living room?

Knowing how these images will be displayed in your house will help you decide what you should wear. If you want these images to brighten up your otherwise neutral room with a pop of color, you can wear bright colors. If you want everything to be harmonious with your existing decor, stick with different tones of main colors in your decor and mix in neutral colors. Whether you dress up in classy formals for your photo session or a beautiful bohemian dress, it should match the decor of your room so your wall portrait looks like it belongs in your space.


Coordinate your colors with each other to make everything cohesive, but don’t be overly matchy-matchy. Pick 1-2 bright colors and mix in the neutrals like shades of beige, grey, navy, or white. Avoid creating a uniform for everyone so every picture from your session looks interesting. Accessories like scarfs, jackets, hats, or jewelry can change up looks quickly. Don’t forget to plan your shoes according to outfit changes. If you plan on wearing heels, it’s always a good idea to carry a comfy pair of shoes in case you have to walk a lot or there are uneven surfaces where you are shooting. You don’t want to hike in stilettos with a 2-year-old in your arms!


Nothing spoils a child’s good mood faster than too many clothing changes, too many locations, and too many props. I know it’s tempting to try to recreate every gorgeous image you’ve ever seen, but the best images will happen spontaneously as a result of your unique family relationships. When you are not working off of a checklist, you’ll have more time to create organic images that you’ll love. Try to limit your top priorities to 1 or 2 things.


Discussing your vision with us ahead of time would make it possible for us to shoot at the right angles and composition. We can create magical images, like this unicorn picture, when we have planned them ahead of time.


Make sure your outfits will keep you and the kids comfortable during your entire shoot. Nothing will hinder family photos faster than a freezing baby or an overheated toddler. Dress in layers if possible so that you can add and remove if needed. It’s always helpful to have an extra wrap or blanket if it’s cold.


Light changes quickly around sunset. Make sure to start earlier than you think you need, to allow for traffic or other delays. Having good light is essential for good outdoor portraits. Kids usually take some time warming up to the camera, so having extra shooting time in ample light is always good.


All professional family photographers have seen their fair share of meltdowns, and we work through them every time! Instead of stressing out because you’re missing “the perfect shot,” let your kid take the lead for a while. Kids (and even babies) pick up on their parents’ stress levels, so laugh it off and know that happier moments are soon to come. And sometimes, that temper tantrum ends up turning into a hilarious image that you’ll cherish for years to come!


While every family has different parenting styles and I respect that, I am all for using bribes for one day. Nothing makes a kid sit still longer than a (lollipop, beloved toy, insert your fave here!). However, be sure not to mention said treat until we’re close to the end of the session. Revealing a toy and then taking it back can be a recipe for disaster…FYI I bring Lollipops for all (parents too 😉

Trust us to capture the essence of your family and make you look your best. Del Mar Photographics has the experience and expertise to create stunning and timeless family portraits that you will treasure for years to come. We will guide you through the entire process and help you create the perfect images that reflect your unique family dynamic.
In the end, remember that what truly matters is the love and connection between your family. I’m confident we will capture those special moments and create beautiful family portraits that showcase your family’s unique personality and spirit. 
If you still have questions, let’s have a talk so I can set your mind at ease.

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Professional Headshot Photography That You’ll Actually Love

Signature Headshot Experience

Are you tired of not liking your current headshot and dreading the idea of taking another one? You’re not alone. Many professionals feel the same way, especially if their previous experience was rushed or DIY. If you’re in need of a new headshot, whether it’s because of a promotion, business milestone, or a new business venture, there is a better way to capture a headshot that you’ll actually love and feel like you.


It all starts with our initial conversation, where we’ll get to know each other and discuss what makes you unique. This connection is vital for a successful headshot session because it allows me to plan the perfect session for you. As a business owner or professional, it’s important for me to understand what you do and why you do it, and who you do it for.

Wardrobe Guidance

Choosing the right outfit for a headshot session can be daunting. That’s why I offer wardrobe guidance to help you select the best outfits for your session. I can assist you with online shopping and send over links of ideas, or even go through your closet to help you select what works best.

Hair and Makeup (highly recommended)

this is a time to relax knowing you’re in good hands, our makeup artists are some of the best and know exactly what’s needed to be camera ready. This isn’t the time to experiment with a new hairstyle or makeup trend. Instead, the makeup artist will give you a classic, natural look that will make you feel pampered, relaxed, and confident walking into your session.

Fully guided session

Don’t worry about feeling awkward or unphotogenic, its my job to set you at ease and direct you into the most flattering poses (even the non-posed, posed looks 🙂

Fun and Stress-Free Headshot Session

We’ll have a plan going into the session to ensure that we capture the images you need, but it usually ends up being a lot of fun. We’ll work together to capture your personal brand through photography. You can trust me to keep the session light and stress-free while making sure you’re posed to look your best and smile with a natural smile.

Love Your Photos Guaranteed

Before you leave the studio. I’ll quickly pull up the images from the camera and show them to you on the computer to make sure you’re happy with what you see. You’ll select the best images that represent you, only purchase what you love.

If you’re looking for a San Diego headshot photographer, I’d love to take your next professional headshot. As a Certified Professional Photographer and business owner, I understand the importance of getting the right headshot that you actually love. Let’s connect and get started!

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Here are some ideas to keep in mind:

  1. Show off your personality: You want to be seen as genuine and authentic in your photos, so make sure your outfit reflects your personality. Don’t try to fit a mold or wear something that doesn’t feel like you. If you’re casual, go for professional casuals like a solid button-down shirt or blouse with three-quarter or long sleeves. If you want to convey a fun and bright image, try wearing colorful accessories like a bow tie, jewelry, scarves, or bright shoes.
  2. Match your brand: Your outfit should complement your brand’s message and style. Think about your brand colors and pick something that matches or complements them. If your brand is modern, go for a modern outfit. If it’s classic or eccentric, match that style.
  3. Avoid patterns and thin pinstripes: Patterns can be distracting and make you look wider, while thin pinstripes can contribute to pixel distortion and make photo editing harder. Stick to solid colors, which are easier on the eyes and make photo manipulations easier.
  4. Make it fit: Loose clothing can make you look wider in photos, so opt for fitted clothes to look leaner and taller. A nice slim fit that allows you to breathe is perfect.
  5. Wear what you love: If you feel comfortable and confident in your outfit, it will translate on camera. Genuine expressions beat a well-put-together outfit any day.
  6. Bright colors are fun: Bright colors are bold and different and can add some personality to your photos. White can also work well if you’re properly lit.
  7. Rich, dark colors smooth out your figure: Dark colors can help hide little rolls and add depth to your outfit. Go for rich dark tones instead of flat tones without texture.
  8. Choose the right necklines: If you have a short neck, go for deeper necklines to make it appear longer. V-shaped necklines and scoop necks look good on everyone. If you have a long neck, a high neckline like a turtleneck, crew neck, or boat-neck is best. A v-neck can make you appear less boxy and add height, complementing rounder or wider faces.
  9. Use accessories: Accessories can make a statement and help you stand out. Try adding a bright pair of heels to a neutral outfit, or wearing hats, scarves, belts, bow ties, suspenders, or dainty jewelry pieces to showcase your personality and enhance your look.
  10. Bring variety: Bring a variety of outfits to your photo session to ensure you have options to choose from. This will help keep your content fresh and allow you to use different images for different purposes.
By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be able to put together outfits that showcase your personality and help you look your best in headshots and branding images.

high school senior at Balboa Park

High School Senior Pictures that you will love, and why you need them!

Senior year of high school is an exciting time in a student’s life. It is a time of growth, accomplishment, and transition into adulthood. Senior pictures are an excellent way to capture the essence of this special time and create lasting memories. 

check out our senior page here

Memories: High school senior pictures are a great way to capture the memories of this special time in a student’s life. These photos will serve as a reminder of their accomplishments and growth during their senior year and will be cherished for years to come. Senior pictures can capture a student’s personality and interests and provide a snapshot of their life during this time.

Graduation Announcements: Senior pictures are often used for graduation announcements, which are a way to celebrate this significant milestone in a student’s life. Having a professional photo makes the announcement more special and memorable. Senior pictures can be used on graduation invitations, save-the-date cards, and other graduation-related materials.

College Applications: Many colleges and universities require a photo as part of their application process. Having a professional senior picture can make a student stand out and leave a positive impression on admissions officers. A well-taken senior picture can showcase a student’s personality, achievements, and interests, making them a strong candidate for college admission.

Social Media: Senior pictures are often used on social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. A professional photo can help a student present themselves in the best possible light to their friends, family, and potential employers. Senior pictures can show a student’s style and personality and create a positive impression online.

Family and Friends: Senior pictures are also a great way to share the excitement of graduation with family and friends. Students can give these photos as gifts to loved ones or display them at graduation parties and other events. Senior pictures can also become treasured family keepsakes, serving as a reminder of a child’s journey through high school.

But it’s not just the students who benefit from high school senior pictures. Here are five more reasons why Mom & Dad may want high school senior pictures:

Milestone: Senior year of high school is a significant milestone in a child’s life, and having professional photos to commemorate this time is important to many parents. Senior pictures capture a moment in time and serve as a reminder of a child’s achievements and growth during this pivotal year.

Family Keepsake: Senior pictures can become a treasured family keepsake, as they capture a moment in time and serve as a reminder of a child’s journey through high school. Parents can display senior pictures in prominent areas of their home, such as the living room or hallway, to celebrate their child’s accomplishments and growth.

Decor: Senior pictures can be used to decorate a family’s home and serve as a visual reminder of a child’s achievements and growth. Many parents display senior pictures in prominent areas of their home, such as the living room or hallway, to showcase their child’s personality and interests.

Gifts: Senior pictures can make great gifts for grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other family members who may not be able to attend the graduation ceremony. Parents can also give senior pictures as gifts to their senior to commemorate this milestone and celebrate their accomplishments.

Time Capsule: Senior pictures can be included in a time capsule or memory box that parents can create to capture the memories of their child’s high school years. This can be a fun way for the family to look back on the past and reflect on their child’s growth and accomplishments.

High school senior pictures are a valuable investment for both students and their families. They capture a special moment in a student’s life and serve as a visual reminder of their achievements and growth.

So if you’re a high school senior or a parent of one, don’t miss out on this opportunity to capture this momentous time in your life with professional senior pictures that you will love! 

Don’t Settle for just “ok” Senior pictures.

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Local families are taking Porch Portraits to document their time at home

something new-ish…Photographers have been out photographing world events for some time now always with a different spin (or angle 😉 yes, cheesy I know.

Here’s how it works: Families sit out on their porches, front steps, front gate, or behind a front window while I stand a safe distance away and take a few photos. It’s a sweet way to document your family’s time at home while supporting a local Charity (50% to San Diego Food Bank)…only through May so let’s get started!

high school senior portrait

HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS | Complimentary Sessions

Twenty Twenty Seniors,

Our hearts go out all our 2020 Seniors who were not able to finish off their High School or College year with celebrations and family near... Knowing this is still an important milestone to capture with senior pictures Del Mar Photographics is offering complimentary senior sessions for those students whose parents have been financially affected by this Virus. (we are offering 10 - $1000. sessions) Please send an email to debora@delmarPhotographics.com SUBJECT: SENIOR 2020 recipients will be announced by email and Facebook, local high schools will have priority.

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During this Covid crisis, many people have found themselves looking for new job opportunities. To help with this Del Mar Photographics is offering a "Buy One GIFT One"  for headshots and personal branding sessions. You choose the recipient and for doing so you will receive 2 additional images with your session (200. value)...with a little help from our friends we will get by :)

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